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We are a proud, family-owned Asturian company that has always focused on the research of excellence in our product. A “premium” product stemming from patient, tireless research.

We sincerely hope that your palate is seduced by our effort.


Bacalaos El Barquero, S.A. is an Asturian company that processes and exports hook and line-caught cod and similar fish.

We currently have the capacity to process more than 2,500 tons of salted and desalted cod per year in two plants located in Asturias.

The primary process (gutting, salting and drying of fresh cod), which is similar to the one used in the Nordic countries, is carried out at one plant. However, unlike other companies that import salted cod, we are the only Spanish company that uses cutting-edge technology to carry out this process in-house.

As Bacalaos El Barquero does not depend on Nordic processors, we provide consistent quality in all productions. This is a competitive advantage in terms of costs, quality and guaranteed stock inventory.

The whole production process -selection, cutting, drying, desalting, packaging and storage- takes place at the second factory.

The desalting technology developed by Bacalaos el Barquero’s R&D department ensures uniform distribution of salt throughout the whole piece. This also means that we fulfil the quality norms and certifications for national and international markets well above requirements.